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Shane Carter
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This was originally a response to user: Danniels95's question on another journal:

"I'm sorry that I don't know but, what's the Other M drama?"

The original point of Other M was it creator, Yoshio Sakamoto, and Team Ninja (of Ninja Gaiden fame) to come together and develop a Metroid game that focused primarily on Samus Aran's backstory.

However, while the idea seemed solid originally, the outcome has met with a huge amount of controversy among the fans of the franchise.  And there are numerous factors to why this game is so hated as it is, Samus' personality alone isn't even scratching the surface in regards to the game's problems.

I apologize in advance if the following list is a bit long, but just talking about one specific problem doesn't even begin to cover what's wrong with this game.

That said, here's SOME of problems with the game:
-Lack of exploration and discovery found in every other Metroid game (Other M is completely linear).
   -NOTE: You could argue that Fusion is similar in this regard, but it's still possible to get certain things out of order (i.e. sequence breaking).

-The pace breaking sequences where you have to scan for objects which are presented vaguely when it comes to the surrounding environment your looking at.

-Not being able to move in first person mode, and not being able to shoot missiles outside of first person mode.

-The authorization system where the commanding officer Adam tells you when to use your powers (even though you have all of them already), and doesn't even allow you to use your defensive capabilities (like the Varia Suit and that ungodly run through Sector 3).

-The story seems to make all of the characters out like morons (splitting up on an alien infested space station rather than staying together), and (even when excluding Prime) seems to crap all over the existing continuity with the original series (Samus trusting the Federation enough  to go through with the events that happen in Fusion).
    -ALSO,  the complete lack of the Chozo and how they failed to mention that they raised Samus being the my personal grip with the game.

-There's more (unskippable) cutscenes than game, and unlike Metal Gear Solid, don't ultimately add anything of value to the game itself, you probably could play the game without them and it would be a better experience.

-The entire sequence with Ridley, and 1. How it was a ripoff from the scene from Smash Bros Brawl, and 2. Samus' frightened reaction to seeing him again after killing him at least twice before (like I said, for sake of argument, I'm not counting Prime, but I am counting the Manga).

And last, but certainly not least:
-The entirety of Samus' portrayal in this game. Her constant monologing about everything (thanks captain obvious), her flat sounding voice actress, the character's unhealthy obsession with her CO Adam (to the point where some people have accused the game of being sexist), and overall, how the portrayal completely contradicts how she was presented in the sequel, Fusion, as being mostly quiet, methodical, and efficient compared to her mindless tween-age Other M counterpart.

Can you tell that I hate this game yet? 

I feel that people who do enjoy this game generalize all of the hatred for it down to one or two points (like justifying her personality and the Ridley scene), rather than consider the whole of its problems, and ultimately ignore them for sake of convenience.
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